Running Commentary

By eck guv! I've just installed this ere even NEWER feature to the pages of Mischief, this comments thing, allowing my loyal readership the freedom to criticize individual pieces and to answer to individual personals as they arise. As the software doesn't send e-mails when a post is put up, it also gives you the opportunity to slag me off, behind my back on my OWN site on the earlier posts without me ever knowing. But I'm sure you probably have better things to do with your life (unlike me).

Not one to install a trap and not provide the bait here goes...


The soldier with the melting boots - Good luck to you mate. I'm hopin and prayin for your safe return

Bags - Be careful Bags, it's a trap! She's set you up for arrest by Operation Ore. Your days of freedom are numbered my boy

Taz - It aint really workin out bro. I think I'll drop up and take another route. I just aint drivin if you know what I mean

Magic - Couldn't be arsed to go down the pub. Far too cold

C++ - looks like you could have won the pint unless someone funnier posts up. But this new comment thing will probably put paid to any of that
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