Pennies from Heaven

Hmmmm, a job that actually pays money. What a novel idea. I'm back on the treadmill for the next three weeks at least, having decided that I need to actually earn some money for the next phase of Mischief to proceed according to plan.

This job has it's plus and minuses with regards to my planning. The obvious plus is financial as it means that I'll be able to do what it is I want to do. As an added bonus, it's in the Department of Education, which is at least relevant for next years endeavours.

On the downside though it means that I instantly lose my bet with C++, which means I have to give 20 quid to a charity of his choice. We gambled that I wouldn't be able to walk to Nottingham from London in a week, but now unfortunately(?) I can't take up that challenge, cos I've got a job. The other plan to fall through is my planned brief retreat to a buddhist monastery in France.

Still, the year is but middle-aged and there is still time for mischief.
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