Dear god please don't become one of these

I'm now living in Belsize Park, in North London and working as an auditor for a massive global firm in their entrepreneurial services department.

For those of you out there that don't know, my job is to check that one number equals another number and then tick it if it does. Its particularly thrilling....Yes, I've sold out and yes I get paid well so who cares!

Outside of work, you might spot me frequenting bars and clubs all over central and north london. I don't like to venture south of the river, its a bit like entering a war zone. If you haven't been there I don't recommend it. If you live there, sorry but its just not nice!

Now I don't ask much of my readership, as diversity should result when everyone shapes their own unique destiny not based on some blueprint, but all I ask is that you NEVER, EVER find yourself writing such crap as found above. This was found while browsing through the entry of Leeds Bastards on friends reunited and was just cut and pasted. I didn't even have to edit it to make him look a wanker.

It is so agonisingly uninspiring and shows such a fucking waste of life I can't express how absolutely sorry I feel for him. The thing that strikes me most about it is the fact that he KNOWS that he is a sell-out (not that he has anything much to sell out though to be fair, he's always been a money-grabbing bitch) and is such a coward that he doesn't dare to veer from the path.

I implore my readership here and now, have some passion for life for fucks sake! Life before death is within all our reaches, but some of us are just too scared to teeter over the edge and grab it.

When I slag off accountants, this is what I mean. I use the term "accountant" in the same way as I use the term "graduate" not meaning all of them, for some are genuinely human beings, but meaning the ones like this fucking pathetic example of humanity, who are so too scared to be anything else. Never judge a man by his social standing, or by his profession, (that has been an accusation levelled at me from time to time by people who just don't really get what I'm tryin to say), but by what he achieves in his life and where he wants to go.

It's clear to me where this loser wants to go. Absolutely nowhere.


Taz - Come round with Steve and you can take the decks. They need a little clean and you'll have to get your own carts but it's a helluva lot cheaper than buying your own just now. When people cannot have what they neeed, while others have what they do not need, things are not not right in the world. This is my contribution to global equality

Taz - Cheers for the designs. I'll submit them straight by e-mail

S - Yeah it is who you think it is.

J++ - Get on the blows to me mate - You have to come to town for frames before I shrivel up and die.

C++ - I guess you are waiting for the post about the bet. It's on it's way once I've found les mots juste. My legs are killin me.
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