Choices choices...

It is said in some sections of society that University broadens your horizons and opens a world of opportunities. The only way it broadened my horizon is by exposing me to the broadest section of society, the sterile middle class, unadventurous twats.

And as for employablity I would like to state a couple of facts. Apart from J++, the most creative people I know are earning less now than they did before they took on degrees and have spent longer unemployed after their degree than they ever did before. It's fucking hard to get a job we actually WANT with a degree from Warwick and the reason is thus.

A Warwick degree does indeed give us choices. We can choose between either this faceless financial institution or that bland financial corporation. Oh joy.

I have had an idea to apply for the same jobs with a CV that doesn't have my degree on it at all, because I'm convinced it's actually preventing me from getting a job. I am overqualified for too many positions that I want to do and underqualified for a great many that I have little interest in. I would be inteested in seeing what the outcome of that experiment was and publishing the results on this website actually.

Today, my degree showed it's true worth (i.e. none) in a day when I had 3 interviews for the most amazing positions. (None of which, incidentally, you would ever find on the ghastly milkround. You are all bottles you fucking idiots!)

I gave myself the choice of becoming either

  1. A writer
  2. A Pharmaceuticals guy
  3. A gig promoter

Now that's what I call choices!
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