...food of love? Looks like I'm in for a right old feast mate


I've finally waited long enough and the ideal job has come along. Alright I'm not gettin paid for it but I don't care it's so fuckin brilliant and if a job's so good you'd do it for nothin it's gotta be worth doin!

I'm promoting gigs for disadvantaged yoof in Hackney and generally spendin my days holed up in the studio with a load of bands and my nights at gigs, which I organise. Things are lookin up since the days of gettin turned down for clinical trials (twice. last week) I mean you know that things are going badly when GlaxoWellcome won't even stick their needles in you for money.

Friedrich Nietzsche once said "Without Music, life would be a mistake" and I'd be inclined to agree with him.

Andy from the block
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