Honesty is so under-rated these days. Many of you have seen me in my different guises, as I am a different shell for different people, but one thing remains the same. I am always Me.

Truth and integrity are the first principles of living, because soon everything real boils down to the truth. No matter how many lies and layers you put in the way, truth exists and is tangible while lies are ethereal like smoke and mirrors.

So why do people lie anyway? Why do people create fabrications to cover up what is real? Why bother to make your fellow man sift through layers of crap to get to what they really want to know?

I have one talent of sniffing out bullshit and tuning into whatever frequency my audience is on. I can feel your level of integrity although I may not ever mention it. I just adapt and mirror you. If you give me bullshit then I'll give you bullshit back, because you create your own fate. It's the principle of instant karmic reaction. Ask me a straight question and I'll give you a straight answer happily. Honesty is truly the best policy.

Anyway enough of that, what's been gwan on here then? I was supposed to be going to Warwick uni today with Charma and Jay but Jay went down with some sort of deadly disease so was unable to haul himself out of bed. Big up yourself Jay!

I got a call today that next week I'll be filming a thing for tele, where I have to run around catching frogs with a net in a disco, a concept so crap I should really walk away, but it will make a half-decent pub story. Keep your eyes peeled right here on wednesday for the update on that incident.

Inspiration is running a bit dry at the moment I'm afraid, as you may be able to tell. Hopefully things will pick up next week when the carnival preparations begin. That's where the inspiration came from last year, so let's see it kick off again yeah!

Send me some mail to cheer me up and give me some ideas bitches.
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