Saw a really crap film called About Schmidt. Also saw Two Towers in Toronto which was brilliant. Am very chilled. Nothing much to report except for hilariously laughable plane journey of 1 hour from Toronto to Montreal which was delayed by 5 hours. Everything that could go wrong did - it was late anyway then 2 computers broke down, they nearly flew us with no toilets and no baggage, then they got us off the plane, back on another one and when we got there 4 hours late, we had to wait to get off because of a malfunction on the ramp which connects to the plane so no-one could get off. By the time we got off there was a crowd who clapped and cheered! It was a riot!

That aside I've been staying in Montreal where it cold but very beautiful. C'est tres beau. Je voudrais retourner. Next time I will have to go from the east coast upwards and do the whole thing in reverse.
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