Third time lucky

Doh! I'm not on the road today as previously reported, but hold your horses bitches - The best things come to those who wait for Me.

Tiny change of plan cos of stuff going on here (again), which has meant that I only got round to buying the tickets last night, and it was only then that I remembered that my lack of planning and organisational ability has dumped me in the financial shit so many times that I should have known that last night was probably a bad time to be buyin for an exit today.

So here I am in Orange County again, probably sounding like a dreamer who dreams of a better life elsewhere but never gets round to it. It's quite humiliating really. But on the plus side I get to stay here and go to the legendary Thanksgiving party that my aunt, Di 7 holds every year round her house in Orange County AND I got the bargain of the century on the Amtrak website. I clicked through the tiny rail sale link in the bottom lefthand corner and saved a cool $100 by putting my trip to Seattle back by a week, so I got my ticket for $41.20 via Portland where I'm spending a day. That's cheaper than an IKEA table and chair set. And they say I'm becoming domestic.

By the way Cez and anyone else who cares, I've now got pics of my ass on the web at last at Sorry they're not very pornographic but they're better than nothin I'm sure you'll agree. Or actually you probably wouldn't. It's your life.

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