Fast cars

Hey mister Warwick-boy listen to me
There's a world beyond the bubble that you can't see
That world outside gave birth to me
Twice the man you'll ever be

Hell yeah you're rich, you were born rich, die rich
Silver spoon, boxing gloves, looks like you're ready to die bitch
You won't last a minute in the ring with my bitch
When Real Life hits you run to mummy and cry bitch

You got this far with an open chequebook
Fast cars, fast girls was the route that you took
Open your eyes to the pain take a hard look
and you'll see that I am the King and that you are a rook

Your queen will be mine, checkmate you lose
you might strut around in your Armani shoes
you spend daddy's money on the fags and booze
you go on thinkin' you can have what you choose

Integrity, is what you can't buy
Honesty, cos you need to lie
Friendship, and a place to cry
The Peoples love, until you die

These things are mine, I don't need to try
I don't need to pretend I'm anyone but I
I can walk through the streets with my head held high
The open window of my soul is through my eye

Andy 2002

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