System administrator appreciation

I'll be honest, the facebook events thing is quite a difficult gap to fill and so far meetup hasn't quite cut the mustard, so I've joined bloggers unite which is a site detailing upcoming world events, like special days put on, some that are real and some that I'm sure aren't. It's quite a giggle try it for yourself.

Anyway, the one that caught my eye and made me smirk today was System Administrators Appreciation Day, who's stated objective is as follows:

On this special day, show your System Administrator some love. And that goes for the rest of the IT staff, too. :)

Well damn, I'm down for that come July 31st. Frankly it's about time IT staff got their own day of appreciation (no Sabir, I don't mean Freebs, I mean the GOOD ones) instead of those pesky saints. I mean when was the last time a saint came over and fixed your server? Exactly.

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